Advanced thermal dispersion air flow measurement. Long term system reliability, infinite turndown, independent multi-point sensing and stable accuracy, no periodic calibration required. Duct and Fan probes, “Plug & Play” Transmitters with direct BMS interface.


EBTRON has been a leader in airflow measurement for more than 27 years utilizing Thermal Dispersion technology that features:

·          Permanently mounted devices use state-of-the-art technology and do not require periodic calibration or maintenance.

·          Accurately measure airflow rates between 0 and 5,000 fpm (10,000 fpm with fan inlet sensors).

·          Each sensing point is independent and calibrated to NIST traceable airflow and temperature standards.

·          A microprocessor-based transmitter is included and provides linear output signals for both airflow and temperature.

·          Your best choice for direct outside airflow measurement and building pressure control.

·          Can be specified with up to 16 independent airflow and temperature sensing points per duct location.

How Thermal Dispersion Works…

·       Each measurement point uses 2 stable “bead-in-glass” thermistor probes at each sensing point.

·       One thermistor is “self-heated” above ambient temperature by passing current through it.

·       The voltage across the “self-heated” thermistor is measured and the power dissipated to the air stream is calculated.

·       The second thermistor measures the ambient air temperature.

·       Each sensor pair are individually calibrated in one of EBTRON's specially designed wind tunnels.

·       The airflow rate is determined using an algorithm developed by EBTRON relating the power and delta T to the airflow rate.

·       Unlike pitot tube arrays that average non-linear pressures and vortex shedders that have averaging errors when the airflow rate falls below a minimum velocity, each sensing point is independent and contributes equally to the average output of the transmitter

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