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Sensible Energy Recovery

For the past 30 years, Bousquet Technologies has been designing and manufacturing top-of-the-line heating and cooling air handlers and make-up air units. Their team of engineers, technicians and experienced representatives are ready to design a high-tech HVAC unit in accordance with your specifications.


BC Series

All of Bousquet's air handlers and gas-fired units are manufactured using proven high-performance materials and built according to the most stringent standards in the areas of safety, waterproofing, resistance, power, energy efficiency, noise reduction and space optimization.

Thanks to an adaptable design method and variable-geometry construction, the Bousquet Technologies BC series of custom-made air handlers is able to meet the ventilation requirements for multiple applications by integrating heating, cooling, humidification and appropriate energy-recovery equipment.

LD(E) Series

Bousquet Technologies’ LD(E) series indirect gas-fired make-up air heaters are designed specifically to meet current market needs for fresh air heating applications in a changing climate. Improving the multi-stage modulation principal, a higher turndown ratio was obtained procuring a higher efficiency and a more precise supply air temperature. The LD(E) series offers capacities ranging from 120 to 400 MBH input with temperature rises from 60°F to 120°F. The LD(E) is available for outdoor installation with or without return air and with an optional Dx cooling coil.

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