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   The ATS team provides superior support from design application through installation, service, warranty, and maintenance to achieve extended customer run times.With our extensive inventory of VFD’s and experienced service technicians our customers can depend on prompt and reliable support to maintain ongoing building operation. Enclosures can be customized to meet space constrictions, provide corrosion protection, and incorporate control options at minimal cost. Configurations vary for many HVAC options and our standard packages eliminate costly custom pricing. An extensive offering of options to meet environmental conditions, harmonic levels, motor protection, AHU fan sequencing, redundancy, etc are available for your application.

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ACH550 Variable Frequency Drive

Your HVAC system demands effortless comfort for everyone.  The ABB intelligent variable speed drive is dedicated to saving energy, producing quality air, and alleviating environmental concerns.  Reduce costs by controlling your building’s fans, compressors, and pump motors efficiently, for an energy conscious commercial environment. The ACH550 provides proven reliability, flexibility, and every essential HVAC communication protocol. It is pre-programmed for several applications, including: air handling units, cooling towers, chillers, and more.

  • Embedded BACnet

  • Interactive startup assistant

  • Tailor made HVAC software

  • Two built-in PID controllers

  • Real time clock and calendar

  • Built-in timers

  • Harmonic mitigation built-in


Energy Efficiency

Nearly 70 percent of all industrial electrical energy use goes to powering electric motors. These motors are the workhorses of business, from pumps moving fluids to fans moving air to compressors, conveyors, and every type of machine that depends on rotational force to get its job done.

And it’s these motors that are the key to help you reduce your energy use and CO2 emissions, or even find more energy efficient solutions for your customers. ABB Drives (variable speed drives or variable frequency drives) are designed to run your motors based on your processes current demands rather than running them at full speed and reducing output using mechanical controls like throttles, dampers or gears.

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