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Humidification and Evaporative Cooling

With Condair humidifiers, you can select a system operating with electrode steam, subsonic air nozzles, high pressure nozzles, evaporative, steam injection, steam exchange, or gas-fired technology. Our humidifiers are used in data centers, hospitals, hot yoga studios, libraries, manufacturing facilities, museums, printing plants, and schools, just to name a few places. The Condair team marries the best engineers and creative marketers, alongside detailed production staff and a dedicated sales team; not to mention an army of in-house humidification experts. We draw upon our extensive experience to develop an ever growing range of products manufactured to our stringent ISO 9001:2000 certified quality standards that will provide our customers with maximum reliability, minimum maintenance and a choice of energy sources

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Electric Steam Humidifiers

Condiar EL Series electrode steam humidifiers offer complete application flexibility to systems engineers, contractors and customers needing a commercial / industrial humidifier. They can be integrated into central Heating/Ventilating/Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems or placed in specified locations for individual room control. Models are available to serve small or large areas with outputs of 5 - 200 lbs/hr.

Electrode steam humidifiers are economic and a simple and reliable humidification system for in-duct or direct room humidification.  The EL has an economic capital cost yet is an extremely dependable solution for hygienic steam humidification.

The Condair EL humidifier senses when the cylinder is full of scale and advises the user that it requires replacing.  This is a simple and quick process of draining the unit, removing the old cylinder and replacing it with a new one.  This straight forward maintenance keeps downtime to a minimum and maintains humidity control.

Resistive Humidifier

When using the SSR option with a high precision humidistat, the RS-Series humidifier can be accurate to ±1% RH. The RS-Series humidifier is designed for use with potable or DI/RO water. For potable water applications, the unique scale collector tank option saves time and money during maintenance. The scale tank collects minerals and is easily removed for disposal of scale.

The Condair RS-Series is the most advanced resistive steam commercial / industrial humidifier available. It’s high quality heating elements provide the most accurate humidity control available in the world.

All RS-Series humidifiers have an advanced controller with display for precise and efficient relative humidity control. The humidifier can be controlled by a humidistat, a relative humidity sensor or be connected to a central Building Management System (BMS) for maximum control flexibility.

The RS-Series humidifier’s controller provides readout and adjustment of all operating parameters. The humidifier will make service adjustments automatically or trigger a shutdown while displaying the function requiring operator attention.

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Official Condair Cylinders versus Knockoff Cylinders

There are several third party manufactured cylinders being sold as Condair replacement cylinders. It is important to note that these cylinders cannot be used with Condair equipment. 

Any use of a non-Condair manufactured cylinder in a Condair humidifier will:

  • Void warranty of the entire humidifier

  • Void UL listing

  • Void any manufacturer liability of the product

There have already been a number of reports of malfunctioning Condair humidifiers using third party cylinders. In order to guarantee proper functionality, performance and longevity of your Condair product, it is important to ensure that you are strictly using authentic Condair manufactured cylinders supplied by a Condair authorized representative like those offered by Advanced Thermal Solutions.