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Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

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Clean Air Solutions

Dynamic offers the ability to remove ultrafine particles, odors, VOCs, biologicals and gas phase contaminants from indoor air and ventilation air. With up to 2/3 less energy, Dynamic can help save energy through less fan horsepower and, where appropriate, helping to reduce outdoor air levels. Dynamic products can also help reduce maintenance through longer service intervals, eliminating pre-filters and post-filters, and simplifying handling and disposal.

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Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems

The MERV 15 Dynamic V8 has set the standard in air cleaning–outperforming anything on the market in contaminant control, maintenance and cost of ownership.
Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of Green buildings, data centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical and clean manufacturing, the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System couples maximum effectiveness with unparalleled energy and operational savings.
The Dynamic V8 utilizes both the principles of existing Dynamic products as well as several important technological advances to create a system that is a quantum leap over the current state of the art. Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems offer property owners dramatic savings when using the Dynamic V8 in place of 4” MERV 13 filters in either flat or angled filter racks.  On average, it takes at least 32 changes of MERV 13 filters before the first change is needed for the Dynamic V8 – without pre-filters.

Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix

Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix systems represent the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. Versacomb’s state of the art carbon technology eliminates unwanted odors, removes corrosive gases, removes target contaminants, and supplies purified air more efficiently.

1” and 2” V-Bank System

Designed for permanent mounting in commercial air handling systems, Dynamic 1″ and 2″ V-Banks offer a high-efficiency and cost effective alternative to bulky bag and cartridge filters for improved filtration, odor reduction, lower energy costs and less maintenance.  Dynamic V-Banks can often be used with or without pre filters.

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