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Custom Engineered Air Handling Solutions

Air Enterprises specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing custom air handling units to meet any system design requirement or space limitation. Air Enterprises all aluminum air handling units are engineered for quality and built to last. Utilizing a 100% extruded panel design, Air Enterprises is able to achieve consistence quality reliability and un-matched casing leakage. With a leakage guarantee of 0.5% leakage over the life of the air handling unit, Air Enterprises has established a reputation as the custom air handling equipment of choice among building owners. Air Enterprises capabilities, accompanied with products’ features and benefits, emphasize market superiority in the following:



Air Enterprises is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, custom, all-aluminum air handling units. Their FactoryBilt® air handling units are custom engineered and designed to last decades longer than typical steel units.

4 Benefits of All-Aluminum, Air Handling Unit Construction

  1. Increased Equipment Life – Eliminates the need for you to replace air handling units due to rust propagation or deterioration.

  2. Reduced Unit Maintenance Costs – Eliminates periodic maintenance for sealing and repainting your air handling unit.

  3. Increased Equipment Up-Time – Reduces scheduled downtime and maximizes operational up-time by minimizing maintenance requirements of your air handling unit.

  4. Reduced unit weight – Reduces building design structural requirements and cost of rigging during field installation, as aluminum air handling units typically weigh 30 to 40 percent less than conventional steel custom air handling units.


Air Enterprises has been performing on-site assembly of custom air handling units for more than 40 years, and they leverage that experience into every project.

How SiteBilt® Works
SiteBilt® AHUs and ERVs make air handling unit installation simple in tight, “inaccessible” spaces and are ideal for replacement or retrofit applications. SiteBilt® can incorporate existing columns, beams and wind-bracing into the AHU design and is a process that optimizes available mechanical space through on-site assembly. SiteBilt® sub-assemblies are made of lightweight aluminum, allowing for easy transport through doorways, hallways and elevators for simplified installation.

Live Replacement
Air Enterprises can provide bridge units to support transitional replacement without interruption of service. Weekend retrofits of a building’s complete HVAC system is routine operation for the Air Enterprises team and they replace live units with little to no downtime for non-stop air handling.

Coordinated Site Installation Planning
Air Enterprises' construction method allows them to make units that fit a site and situation precisely. They make units that others cannot to fit the ideal circumstances of the site, not the reverse. Every Air Enterprises air handler is custom, designed for your optimal needs. Air Enterprises' project team takes onsite measurements, manages design to fit the available space and performs full project planning, logistics scheduling and execution.

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