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Provding Engineers, Contractors, and Owners Innovative HVAC Solutions.

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Providing Engineers, Contractors, and Owners Innovative HVAC Solutions

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McCormick Headquarters Dynamic Filters

Advanced Thermal Solutions recently supplied Dynamic V8 filter banks for the all new McCormick Headquarters in Hunt Valley, MD. The V8 filters were installed in two ERUs on the original building as well as forthcoming air handlers and 2” filters on various blower coils on the tenant fit-out portion of the project.

Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of green buildings, data centers, hospitals, pharmaceutical and clean manufacturing, the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System couples maximum effectiveness with unparalleled energy and operational savings.

Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems offer property owners dramatic savings when using the Dynamic V8 in place of 4” MERV 13 filters in either flat or angled filter racks.  On average, it takes at least 32 changes of MERV 13 filters before the first change is needed for the Dynamic V8 - without pre-filters.

Superior loading also flattens the pressure drop curve to save over 1” of static. This means big energy savings and the potential for smaller fan selection. Energy costs are a major concern for facility managers and are, at current rates, typically 80-85% of the cost of filtration, far outweighing initial filter cost. 


From custom AHUs tailored to your exact specifications to more modular and cost effective air handlers, we can provide a wide range of air handling solutions.



As one of the most effective and reliable airflow measuring stations on the market, Ebtron brand measuring stations can provide you with an acute understanding of exactly what is happening within your HVAC system. Accuracy, reliability, and cost effectiveness make Ebtron measuring stations the only choice.

Variable Frequency Drives

The ABB intelligent variable speed drive is dedicated to saving energy, producing quality air, and alleviating environmental concerns.  The ACH550 provides proven reliability, flexibility, and every essential HVAC communication protocol. It is pre-programmed for several applications, including: air handling units, cooling towers, chillers, and more.


As a leading Condair Humidifier representative,we can provide cost competitive and effective solutions for all of your humidification needs as well as continual support for your Condair humidifiers in the form of replacement parts.



  • Nortec has now be rebranded as Condair Humidifiers! Different name, same great humidifiers!

  • Advanced Thermal Solutions is now the exclusive Ice Air representative in the Baltimore and Washington, DC metropolitan areas

  • It's time to replace your Condair Cylinders, check out our online store